Camel’s Milk – Would You Try It?

Camel milk has been known for its distinctive strong flavor that is a bit salty. However, camel’s milk is gaining trend across the globe as an alternative to cow’s milk.

Why Drink Camel’s Milk?

Camel’s milk is a great milk alternative for lactose-intolerant people. It is an alternative to cow’s milk that contains nil to low levels of lactose, safe for consumption. This is the milk you can have when you can’t have any milk. Get desert farms camel milk-free trials after reading the below information.

Why Can Lactose Intolerant People Have Camel Milk?

  • Contains lower levels of lactose in comparison to any other animal-based milk.
  • It is easier to digest than regular milk.
  • It doesn’t contain any beta-lactoglobulin protein
  • It is gentle on the stomach and can be digested easily
  • It contains A2 casein protein

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How Does Camel Milk Have Lower Lactose Levels?

Lactose found in camel’s milk is naturally far lower than any other animal-based milk. This goes to show that there’s no need to treat camel milk any further in order to remove or reduce the amount of lactose in the natural state. The purest form of camel milk is a low lactose alternative that is available on the market.

Is It Safer To Drink A Lower Lactose Level Milk?

When a person is lactose intolerant, it doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot consume milk. On the other hand, it means that they have less tolerance towards lactose. However, they are able to consume it in small quantities, a point of their tolerance threshold. For example, most people cannot consume dairy milk but can easily have aged cheese. Aging cheese lessens the content of lactose in the milk, and thus one can easily consume it. In the same way, camel milk contains a minuscule level of lactose naturally, which most lactose-intolerant people can easily consume without erupting in pain. The other qualities mentioned above all go to show that in combination with these features of camel milk, their bodies react far more pleasing to the lactose contained in camel milk than any other dairy milk.

A study conducted by Lauren Panoff, MPH, RD suggests that one in every twenty people with lactose intolerance is found with a mild reaction to one cup of camel milk consumption. On the other hand, the other twenty-four people are unaffected.

How Is It That One Can Tolerate Camel Milk But Not Low Lactose Dairy Milk?

Naturally, the next big question that one asks is – why is it possible to consume camel milk but not low lactose dairy milk. Another key piece of information to make a note of is – people are often allergic or intolerant to more than one kind of allergen in dairy milk. It’s not just lactose. The beta-lactoglobulin protein is another allergen that most lactose-intolerant people are sensitive to, and it is found in all dairy milk. The presence of this allergen makes it hard for one to consume low lactose dairy milk and makes camel milk the better alternative to use on a daily basis. Desert farms camel milk is one of the best camel milk around, and you should give

Why Should You Choose Camel Milk Over Other Plant-Based Milk?

Another prominent question that floods the minds of lactose-intolerant people is, why then is it better to choose camel milk over other plan based milk alternatives. Aren’t they healthier to consume? Sure plant-based milk might taste better than camel milk, with the addition of flavors such as oats and almonds. However, although it has high flavor content, they lack the nutrients that dairy milk contains. Plant-based milk has a lower quantity of essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin C, required by the body to function daily. All these factors make camel milk a better choice over plant-based alternatives as camel milk contains the nutrients as well as slow tolerance to lactose and other allergens.


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