MOFT Holiday Season Sale: 3 Combos To Ease Your Work

The harmful effects of using gadgets from one angle for many hours can be limited by using tools like flexible laptop stands and phone stands. Although these accessories can be a little expensive, they are worth their price. Now, you can buy them cost-effectively at the MOFT holiday season sale.

MOFT, which makes accessories and products to make it easy and healthy to use your devices, brings holiday Season saleto let you get different types of accessories cost-effectively.

Here are some of the hottest holiday season saledeals to avail right now:

1. MOFT Phone & Laptop Stand Combo

As the name suggests, this deal includes one stand for your laptop and one stand for your smartphone. Both these stands are lightweight and stylish accessories that you can keep with you to use your devices anywhere.

Using the MOFT phone stand and laptop stand, you can place your devices on a flat surface and access their features from a safe distance. In addition, you can utilize them from multiple angles to protect your neck and back from pain.

Both the stands are adhesive accessories, which are easy to install and remove. A MOFT adhesive phone stand costs $19.99, while the price of a MOFT laptop stand is $24.99. However, you can buy the combo at a price of $35.99, thanks to the MOFT holiday season sale.

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2. MOFT Laptop Stand Combo

If you or your employees use more than one laptop at the workplace, then this two laptop stand combo is a perfect deal for you. These are lightweight stands that go unnoticed on your device. Also, you can adjust the laptop standfor a desirable height.

The MOFT laptop stands are made of customized PU, which makes it useful for heavy laptops. Also, the stand works well with different types of laptops, which are upto 15.6″. The stand is equipped with special removable glue that makes it easy to attach and detach the stand.

At MOFT, you can buy the combo at just $39.99. Also, you can choose the colors of the stands as per your choice.

3. Stand Up Combo

If your workplace requires more flexibility, this combo deal is perfect for you. It includes a sit-stand desk and an adhesive phone stand. A sit-stand desk means you can put the stand on a flat surface to use your gadget from multiple heights.

On the other hand, the phone stand is a stylish accessory. It is a lightweight stand that adds an additional layer of safety to your device. The combo comes at just $79.99.

In the End

All set to buy these combos at MOFT holiday season sale? Browse the collection at MOFT and order the right products for your needs, and make it easier to complete your work.

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