How Mohammad Haris Nalapad Developed His Business And Enters Politics?

In this article, you can know about the Nalapad improvement and entrance on the politics and business on his career. Have you ever thought about why he was praised by the Karnataka people and youngsters and how he had got a respectable and huge position at the congress party? He had struggled and faced so many obstacles at the beginning of his career. If you have ever thought that he had occupied this position easily and quicker, then it is mistaken.

He had enhanced his earnings and knowledge by doing hard works and using clever tactics, through all his efforts, step by step he had developed. Now he is helping more student’s education and poor people through his charity. Mohammad Haris Nalapad biggest aim is, no one has to suffer from the poverty

of food and basic things. Ok, let’s know about his activities of a business, politics plus about his family backgrounds. 

What Is His History And Where He Started His Career?

Without money, he came to Karnataka from Kerala, when he was young. He had come to the city with huge dreams and goals, he had one constant and running thoughts on his mind when came newly to the city, which he wants something to do big for his family and his business developments. At initial, he started a metal store on his own.

Mohammad Haris Nalapad had perfectly planned all his thoughts as a perfect idea. Using his clever mind and as per his plan, he had achieved all his dreams without anyone’s support. To achieve his aim he had faced so many obstacles, he doesn’t know how to survive in the new city for the beginning days, but after some weeks he started to go on a successful way.

After his first metal store, he becomes an expert on his works, but he has not satisfied with this single business, he wants to do more for himself and wants to achieve hugely. So after some years, he shifted to another new place which is called Vijayanagar. Again on that location, he started a new buttermilk shop. Through that business also he had earned so much money and he becomes richer. Everyone in the city started to know about him and his talents. 

After this success, he started multiple businesses such as starting institutions, hotels, resorts, schools, etc. Apart from this type of business, he started to overtake the government contracts. Through all his efforts, he becomes famous among the people. His entire career has changed and he reached greatly everyone.

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Why he shows interest to join congress?

Apart from business, he always has a unique interest in politics. So he has joined the congress. Now you think who helped him to join the congress, through a congress minister contact he had joined on the politics. He wished to stand on the elections. As per his dreams, he stands and is elected by the people with so many efforts. After that, he has done so many great things for the people and his family and he had seated for the position of youth congress president.

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