Why Has Cyber Security Become An Important IT Industry?

Security in companies consists of several parts, e.g. physical security (e.g. camera systems), process security (legislative), technical security (ICT) and others.

It is technical safety that is a thorn in the side of many companies. A large part of companies deals with security, especially within IT, i.e. cyber security course in Qatar. The reason is several risks arising from poor security.

If the company’s IT is disrupted in any way, there is a loss of effective work of employees (waiting for network repair), material damage (increasing connection costs caused by downloading and sending data from compromised networks) and other data loss or damage.

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However, the problems in IT associated with an unsecured network affect the company’s management much more. What is threatening them?

  • Damage to the company’s reputation.
  • Rising costs (higher connection costs, sunk staff training costs, costs of removing the reverberation of a cyber attack).
  • Work inefficiency (reduced productivity, longer response and the need to interrupt work, slowing down the operation of the computer network, re-commissioning the PC, repairing network configuration violations).
  • Other serious problems (loss of company data, industrial espionage, social engineering, information leaks, misuse of services, the way for further spread of malware).

The number of malware is constantly increasing, in some past periods by up to hundreds of percent. Many companies are still unwilling or unable to respond to threats and their data security is insufficient.

Every employee working with data, on a computer or any other electronics, without exception, is concerned with cyber security. Cyber ​​attacks are becoming more sophisticated, sophisticated and more dangerous. Data security should be a priority for all smaller companies, but especially corporations. 

As already mentioned, cyber security concerns any worker with CCNA course in UK. And that is why the IT industry and the comprehensive security of the IT environment are extremely important.

In addition, it is clear from many audits and studies that the human factor is very often behind the security breach. The report “The Human Factor in IT Security: How Employees are Making Businesses Vulnerable from within ” found that more than 50% of companies fear security breaches entering from within. First of all, the IT department should clarify what it wants to protect, why it needs to be protected and how “it” will be protected. It should know about threats and have its processes for everything. In addition, the Cyber ​​Security Act also talks about this.

The key activity of the IT industry should be to combat current threats. Equally important, however, is the ability to predict what new security incidents a company may encounter. Cyber ​​attacks and small security incidents can shake the reputation and credibility of companies; in the current competitive environment, the consequences of a threat to cyber security can, in the worst case, even be liquidating.

In companies, everything needs to be regularly analyzed and appropriate preventive or corrective measures implemented. And that is why we have finally prepared 5 tips especially for IT managers.

  • Create a security strategy, be careful, monitor and detect.
  • Train your employees and remind them how to create strong passwords and phrases.
  • Update systems and applications as they become available.
  • Implement security measures and take care of enterprise security with anti-malware programs.

Perform routine tests using attack simulations and make sure everything works.

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